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If you want to stop stuttering but don’t know what to do, then this article is meant for you. Here, you will find tips that will help you stop stuttering once and for all. So, read on to find out how to stop stuttering and speak more confidently.

Tips on how to stop stuttering
Relax your neck and shoulders
Sometimes, stuttering is caused by stress levels particularly tightness in areas around the throat. Therefore, relaxing your neck and shoulders can help prevent you from stuttering. Relaxation exercises can help loosen any tension in these areas and help you stop stuttering.

Watch yourself speak in front of a mirror
I know that this may seem weird but it has actually helped many people stop stuttering. Speak to yourself about anything. It can be about your plans, the weather, what has happened or even saying the letters of the alphabet. Anything that makes your lips move can do. Watching yourself speak in a mirror will make you believe that it is possible to stop stuttering as you will be watching yourself speak without a stutter.

Perform vocal exercises
Most of the singers usually spend minutes or even hours doing breathing exercises and training their voices to produce a beautiful sound. Similar exercises can also help a person with a stuttering problem. So, if you have a stutter, it may be good to do vocal exercises such as gently blowing air through closed lips while ensuring that your lips are relaxed and singing an uh vowel underneath.

Sing songs
When you sing, you utter sound in longer, more drawn out sentences than when speaking. You also use a breathing pattern that is more even and enunciate more clearly than when you speak. This is why those with a stuttering problem don’t stutter when singing. If you sing on a daily basis, you will be able to enunciate syllables more precisely and also help you breathe more evenly.